Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It only took a jerk with a badge

to get me back in the mood to yell about crap.  Didn't take long, either.  I present to you Deputy Natalie Barber:
A North Carolina deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office was caught on video confiscating two different cellphones and detaining a former U.S. Marine after she claims he got “aggressive.” Her claims are now being called into question after video of the incident surfaced online.
Barber then ordered the man to put down his phone for her “safety” and when he refused, she snatched it out of his hand. She informed the man that she was going to pat him down for weapons and then she put him in handcuffs.

The deputy was clear that Jaramillo wasn’t under arrest, only detained for both of their safety.

When Jaramillo’s son started recording the officer detaining his dad with another phone, she confiscated that cellphone as well.
“I’m snatching everyone’s phone and I will take everyone in!” Barber screams.
In her official police report, Barber claimed that she only confiscated the phones and detained Jaramillo after he got “angry” and was “being aggressive.”
And- of course- filing a complaint did nothing:
Jaramillo reportedly complained to Barber’s supervisors about the incident but was told the officer acted properly because she feared for her safety.
Ah yes, she feared that the video would show her being a jerk, so that's enough excuse to be an even bigger jerk.


Sport Pilot said...

Though I’d like to know more background on this story it sounds as though a case of contempt of cop may have taken place. If so any reasonably competent attorney can ensure appropriate damages are awarded. At least some remedial training and policy revisions will transpire. Or that’s been my observations of similar events. The truth may be embarrassing but it’s needful.

Randy Morton said...

Never complain to a cops supervisor. At that point they can document a discussion about the issue, have a beer, and laugh. Departments consider the issue resolved after the discussion. Go straight to internal affairs and file a complaint. At that point, the supervisor is out of the loop and IA handles the investigation. Cops hate internal affairs because they can't sweep the allegations under the rug.