Sunday, April 20, 2014

Starkville, MS Aldermen David Little and Ben Carver, welcome to the fame

you wouldn't have if you weren't such whiny pussies.
The two aldermen came under fire recently after instigating the removal of Starkville’s highly popular Chief Administration Officer Lynn Spruill without providing any reason for the coup other than Carver’s comment that he “prayed” about it and God told him to kick her to the curb (hence the parody handle @BenCarverPrays).
For those people who don’t get the punchline to jokes – ever – both accounts are marked “parody”. And they have been taken down.

But Mr Little wants the tweeters to pay for their “illegal impersonation”.

You need a licence to parody?
And Police Sgt. Durr, you- or the chief, or both- need to have the balls to point out to the two whiny pussies that parody IS NOT A CRIME; no matter how butthurt they are.

(Yes, I woke up; bullshit like this is enough to make you start typing)

Coming soon- or out- to a hospital near you:
After more than a decade of ‘torture’ - during which he says NHS bosses ‘tried to silence me, destroy my reputation and erase me from the face of the Earth’ - his good name was this week dramatically restored. 

Bullied and then sacked by his NHS bosses after exposing the avoidable deaths of patients at his Coventry hospital, the 54-year-old heart specialist was vindicated on Thursday after a David-and-Goliath battle thought to have cost taxpayers £10million.
This is the effing NHS we're told we need our healthcare system patterned after...
He is now seeking a meeting with Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, but has this stark warning for any other health professional thinking of blowing the whistle to protect their patients.

‘Don’t do it, because the way I have been treated is nothing short of an outrage and a scandal,’ said Dr Mattu, a once world-renowned specialist who is now unemployed and doubts his medical career will ever recover.

‘Instead of listening to me, embracing what I said and working with me to improve conditions for patients, Trust managers tried to destroy me. It was a form of torture.

‘They stopped at nothing to change the focus from the patients - who were at the heart of my concerns - onto false claims about this allegedly “bad doctor” who needed to be removed.

Harry Reid is a sorry, corrupt sack of crap.  Who seems to want to lay the groundwork for DHS to show up and kill people 'for the public good'.

So if you're black you get to violate the rules- a LOT- and 'win' the competition.  Because making you play by the rules would be racist.

How do you rap 'You assholes are full of shit'?

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