Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some of Sen. Yee's 'We must do something about guns!' tweets Updated!

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Ah, the tears that must be falling!  To have a good progressive gun bigot caught trafficking in illegal arms...

Speaking of:
Makes you wonder just how long he's had these connections, and what else he may have been doing, doesn't it?

A 137-page criminal complaint charges 26 people -- including Yee and Chow -- with a panoply of crimes, including firearms trafficking, money laundering, murder-for-hire, drug distribution, trafficking in contraband cigarettes, and honest services fraud.
Ah, that's it!  He was associated with CIGARETTE SMUGGLING, the evil bastard!

Had a comment on the previous post that included
...Just within the last few days news of the feebs hitting a bunch of Dems for gun running, fraud, corruption, etc. My first thought was "whose toes did they manage to step on"?

It's not like the feds give a damn about crime as long as the criminals are comrades in good standing
So it's seemed.  So,  did they piss off the administration somehow?  Or is the EffingBI and DoJ actually acting like LE organizations to try and take off some of the heat from their other crap?
Yes, trust in both organizations is rather low lately.

Interesting people Yee is connected with:
Yee masterminded a complex scheme to import illegal weapons: “Keith Jackson [a political consultant who worked as Yee's fundraiser] told [an agent] that Senator Yee had a contact who deals in arms trafficking. This purported arms dealer was later identified. Jackson requested [a campaign donation] on behalf of Senator Yee, for Senator Yee to facilitate a meeting with arms dealer with the intent of [the agent] to purportedly purchase a large number of weapons to be imported through the Port of Newark, New Jersey. During a meeting [...] Senator Yee discussed certain details of the specific types of weapons [the agent] was interested in buying and importing.”
Yee had connection with Filipino rebel groups: ”Keith Jackson advised that Senator Yee had an unidentified Filipino associate who was supplying ‘heavy’ weapons to rebel groups in the Philippines.”
These rebel groups:
Including Muslim terrorists: “According to Senator Yee, Mindanao was largely population by Muslim rebel groups who were fighting the federal government. Yee continued by saying the Muslim rebels had no problem ‘kidnapping individuals, killing individuals, and extorting them for ransom.’”
And yet he wanted to arm them, while disarming law-abiding Americans.
In specific the Moro Islamic Liberation Front: “[The agent] asked about the major Muslim organizations in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Senator Yee responded by saying ‘M.I.L.F.’”
Yee apparently wasn’t making up his arms dealer. It’s a real person. A real Russian person.
And, Russian arms dealers: “According to Senator Yee, the arms dealer source the weapons from Russia.”
Expect moose and squirrel to appear at any time with more evidence.

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