Friday, March 28, 2014

A lesson from the range

Pair of them, actually:
Don't shoot reloads put together by someone else unless you know and trust their work.

And if you pull the trigger and don't get a proper 'boom', stop right there and make sure everything is clear.  Or else.
Brand-new Para Ordnance .45, first gun he'd ever owned.  Guy fired five rounds, #6 gave a very mild 'bang' so he racked the slide and fired #7.

#7 managed to blow both the stuck bullet from the squib and itself out, bulging the barrel and splitting it lengthwise in two places.

Better look at one split

The wonders of modern steel and heat-treatment: not a scratch or other mark on the frame or slide.


taminator013 said...

You got that right about other people's reloads. A buddy of mine at work decided to start reloading for himself after using the ones that I rolled for him for about 20 years. I gave him a list of the best ones for his .38 special in his Blackhawk that were all tried and true. He came in to work a few weeks later and had a question. Seems that he mistakenly used a charge of Bullseye that was meant for Unique and thought that it would still be okay since they are both such small charges. Well, what he had was 10% above the top end of a +P Bullseye charge that he planned to fire in an old 1st series Colt Detective Special that he picked up. I told him "Don't even F**KING think about it!!!! Even if they were the right charge you shouldn't use +Ps in that Colt, anyway. Don't fire them in anything." They may have been okay in his Ruger Blackhawk .357 magnum, but why chance it. I told him that the best thing to do would be to pull the bullets, dump the powder and start over.

Bill Anderson said...

Good thing ParaOrd makes solid stuff.
Have been thinking about some of their products, and this just adds to it.

S.Moore said...

Squib loads will happen. My old pistol powder measure ever other blue moon it would hang and I would cull that batch. Then weigh heavies got pulled lights got put into fail to function drills. Running a 20lb recoil spring with 200gr bullets with 5.6gr titegroup in my kimber.have had only 1 issue, a once fired starline 45acp brass ruptured on the second firing. blew out the extractor. Kimber sent me extra external extractors for back ups! Have 3 kimbers two externals and one internal. After 30.000 rnds bound to have a hickup sometime.