Thursday, March 27, 2014

I don't know if it's 'Lessons lost' or

control freaks who don't trust the peasants.  Of course, it's possible Gorman doesn't care about the stink after Katrina, or just thinks "People in uniform shouldn't have to worry about the commoners having tools in a disaster situation."

Note also that some LE really don't like this law, and tried to play back-door games to kill it.  And then tried to weasel around being held to account for it.

Think Progress* thinks(more like BELIEVES WITH A PASSION!) that 'innocent until proven guilty' doesn't belong in matters involving self-defense and guns.

Allow me to use bad language here: do these assholes not have any idea the hole to hell they're trying to open?  For themselves as well as everyone else?

Also thanks to GFZ,

What cartridge for giant friggin' rat?
And is there a PUFF bounty on them?

DC: a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you'll never see.
Now spend some time figuring how much money and time that could've been used going after actual criminals was wasted on this SO FAR.  Because you know it'll be appealed.

The prosecutors and police could've been chasing gangbangers and openly-lawbreaking politicians and journalists, but nooooo...

*If it were Think Progress Toward Tyranny, it would be more accurate


Differ said...

Being in Sweeden, it was likely an immigrant rat...protected under sharia law.

Differ said...

Would carrying a civil war minie ball be illegal in DC? If a man can be convicted for carrying an inanimate object shaped like a bullet what about a fishing weight/sinker...or was it that the bullets had hollow points....?

Firehand said...

It was that the persecutor wanted to set an example. And this guy isn't a connected politician or journalist, so he's fair game. Yes, a bullet-shaped sinker would've done for this bastard.

Rey Brandt said...

Not sure about Swedish rats but when my first ship was in the shipyard in Mobile,Alabama circa 1980-81 we used a wrist rocket and 3/8" ball bearings to kill some that were close to that size.