Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm trying to figure how the AGW clowns will describe these people

as 'not REAL scientists!'...
Professor Richard Lindzen, formerly Alfred P Sloan Professor of Meteorology at Massachussetts Institute of Technology
John Christy, Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama
Judith Curry, Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech
and, from further in,
The reason it’s so significant is that it comes only three years after one of the APS’s most distinguished members – Professor Hal Lewis – resigned in disgust at its endorsement of what he called “the global warming scam.”

Excuse me a moment, there're some people whose heads I have to explode.

Ok, I'm back.
Common Core sucks.  On multiple levels.  And so do the schools doing this:
She also didn’t want her two children to take part in health fitness tests, believing that that information should remain private.

On Steiner’s orders, Lewis’s children were pulled out of class so that school officials could belatedly administer the BMI testing.

“They were singled out and weighed and measured,” said Lewis. “They were humiliated.”
"Your childrens' feelings do not matter, citizen!  Only the dictates from above do!"  Etc.

Speaking of school brass and cops who should be horsewhipped,
The Minnewaska Area School district suspended Stratton for a Facebook post — published outside of school — in which she said she hated a school hall monitor for “being mean.” Stratton then went back on the social media site and asked which of her connections ratted her out.

After the parent of one of Stratton’s friends complained to the school about the “sexual nature” of a Facebook chat, school officials brought the then-13-year-old girl into a room with a local sheriff and forced her to give up her Facebook password. Officials then searched her page in front her, all the while without consulting a parent.
They did sue, but not for nearly enough.  "Citizen, everything your kid does is our business!  And we must control them at all times, in what they say and do!"
Get this bullshit:
“The school’s intent wasn’t to be mean or bully this student, but to really remedy someone getting off track a little,” Schmidt said.
Schmidt, you're a lying bastard.  You damn well intended to scare hell out of this kid and everyone else in the school.  You suck, you miserable little control-freak bastard.  And you should be fired.

On the bullshit 'punishment' for the officers in LA who damn near killed innocent people:
What professional officer can trust such officers? Not only did they demonstrate a lack of the most basic judgment necessary to function as police officers, they did it in a way that demonstrates that they are irredeemably dangerous, not only to themselves, but to their fellow officers and to the public.

The greatest damage is in the unilateral alteration of the social contract between the public and the police. No one expects police officers to be so timid as to allow killers to shoot them first before shooting back, and the law certainly does not require it. Every person of good will wants police officers to go home unscathed at the end of their shift. But they also need to know that police officers won’t panic and shoot up innocent women delivering newspapers while making the surrounding neighborhood look like a war zone.

The rule of law must apply to everyone. No citizen doing what those officers did should hope to escape decades in prison. No rational citizen should expect to escape the most severe consequences.

Which reminds me of something I just stoleborrowed,

 That twit from Ebony who doesn't think blacks count if they're conservative?  Ebony apologized for her.

You'll notice the twit did NOT apologize; apparently they decided that would be too micro-aggressive stressful for her to handle.

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Windy Wilson said...

How, exactly, do children grow up to be normal, productive, happy, healthy, sane, law-abiding adults in society without receiving the microaggression that is effective parenting?
Have parents so completely forgotten that the object of being a parent is not to develop happy children, but to develop normal, productive, happy, healthy, sane, law-abiding adults?
This "Microaggression?" is code, is dog whistle for "Don't tell me what to do."