Monday, March 24, 2014

The weekend included the kind of picture

that makes MDA and Bloomberg shiver in outrage
and Sarah Brady cry(pic stolen from Jennifer).  We got EBRs, we got milsurp, we got .30-caliber down to .22.  And that's not counting the handguns.

From the evening before, which included showing things and a bunch of smoked meat
 Our hostess, with hubby hiding behind someone

The day of

Remember  a mention of Tannerite?  Sue before
 and Sue after
I personally think her name should've been Bustette(Busterette?), but a bit late for changes now.

Picture of people taking pictures of someone actually shooting
Jennifer on the left, Michael on the right, and David in the center

Now, about the gong, we didn't figure a way to hang it so it would properly sound off, so had to go by vision.  Sometimes a problem at 300.  This is from Saturday, almost all .223/5.56
 One fairly good crater at low right, otherwise all 'ding!'  Those bulges with the paint gone are from Sunday:
The .223 here are from Michael's brother, who was popping at it offhand with his EBR(which has a ACOG I'd steal if he wouldn't shoot me).  The rest were .308 and 7.62x54. 
Note to self for next time: fluorescent orange paint.  The white showed up fairly well, but the red just kind of faded into the background at that distance.

A good noisy weekend overall.


B said...

Acid/lime green works best for gongs

Some shades of yellow. Cat yellow works well too.

Jennifer said...

I showed my boss that first pic this morning. He said we were going to be on a list.

Firehand said...

Green or orange, I think; I'm afraid the yellow might blur into the grass this time of year.

What? We're not already?

Evyl Robot Michael said...

It was a blast. We'd do that every weekend if we could afford it. Alas, being a grown-up screws up life.