Monday, November 25, 2013

One more "You wanted this, dumbass;

so why aren't you happy?"
Old monthly premium: $578 for a family of four (non-smoking, helmet-wearing, and paternally snipped). New premium: $1,123. A 94% increase.
The website allowed me to find a plan that looked reasonable. Premera Blue Cross had a Preferred Bronze 5500 for $889 a month. Okay. Not so bad. Downside: $3,600 more in annual premiums. Upside: Free eyeglasses for the boy!
That only got him so far. At a certain point in the conversation, the accountant/lawyer had to get off the phone. “I have to stop answering your questions,” he told Peter. “I can’t ethically advise you, because honestly I don’t know the right thing to do. Nobody does. There are no answers. Right now it’s a complete clusterfuck.”
You were warned; so enjoy.

Ever notice that the balance of nature seems to consist of Ma deciding "I'll throw a rock in this side this time"?  Or "They want greenhouse gases, I'll give them that and some new land in the bargain!"

Another choirboy sadly cut down: "Just because he's an armed robber and had a gun to somebody's head and pointed it at someone else, there was no need to shoot him!"  Etc.

Because the real reason behind this 'smart-gun' crap is to make it as expensive as possible for the commoners to have arms; just like the bullshit in DC is to make it as difficult and expensive as possible.

Natchez Shooters Supply has a special on the next few days:

They do it because screwing with people trying to get from one place to another a long way from the border is much easier and safer than actually trying to catch bad guys at/near the border.

First the crap at Duke University, now this; what the hell is going on in Durham?

A good Democrat:
The name Levar Stoney may not ring a bell to many in Wisconsin, but the new Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia and former Deputy Campaign Manager for Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe has some scandalous history in Wisconsin.

In 2004, Levar Stoney was involved in covering up and lying for five Democratic campaign operatives who slashed the tires of 25 vans rented by the Republican Party for get out the vote efforts.

He's an academic, so this kind of racism and self-hate(except he's a GOOD one, so he's exempt I'm sure) is considered just fine.

And what feminism has become to far too many:
Back to the subject of the piece, women used to demand equality. Many who call themselves feminists have now become a toxic force in our society, quashing free speech, deeming rational thought a form of discrimination, and institutionalizing discrimination against men...all in the name of "equality."


Marja said...

When I was a kid feminism mostly seemed like it was this idea that it was wrong for somebody to prejudge a woman unfit for something just because she was a woman, before giving her a chance to prove what she could do, and that is an idea I could stand behind (yep, I do know there are some jobs for which women are unsuited in general, but anyway). Being told that I couldn't do this or that just because I was a girl, no other reason needed (and the implication that I would not even be allowed to try and see whether I could do it) did piss me off when I was a child, and I can well understand where the feminists are perhaps coming from, at least the older generations who actually did have to deal with that 'girls not allowed' thing when they were children and teens because that really did happen back then, women might get rejected from something they were fully qualified to do and which they could have done with no problems just because they were women.

Then the the 'prove themselves' part kind of disappeared, and unfortunately the idea doesn't work particularly well without it. So now we are getting women who are not good enough in positions they shouldn't have had, and men are where women were once, at least sometimes losing jobs and positions they are qualified to have and could do with no problems just because they are men.

I'd say this experiment needs to go back to the drawing table.

And things which do piss me off now:

a) feminists have mostly tossed the traditional feminine values into the trash bin and seem to be thinking that in order to be good a woman should be just like a man, which does not exactly confer the idea that women and feminine are as good as men and everything traditionally masculine. If they really believed that they would try to raise the value of something like women concentrating on being mothers, and raising and homeschooling their children, or taking care of other of those traditional womanly tasks.

Trying to force all women to start acting exactly as men seems to say that after all, only the jobs and things men did, only everything traditionally masculine, are things which have value.

and b) now they are also treating women as humans who are inherently weak and need constant help. As if no woman could become a CEO of a big company unless those companies were forced to hire a certain amount of women, and then were rewarded in some way when they picked a certain amount of women to leadership positions. And all these sexual harassment brouhahas, for one my old aunts used to tell much worse sex jokes than I have ever heard from any man so I don't have much respect for those women who get the vapors if they hear an off color joke a guy tells another guy, or her, for that matter. Or for those who first drink too much and then can't keep their panties on, and then feel sorry they didn't the next day, and then blame the guy instead their own lack of self-control.

And if I did manage to get somewhere I would prefer to think I got there because I'm good, not because somebody, or bunch of somebodies, felt sorry for me for being just a woman.

Firehand said...


Which reminds me of a sign I saw years back, 'If a woman wants to be like a man, why can't she be like a good man?' Which stuck with me because of a woman I knew of who'd gotten very current feminist; which meant she basically took a list of things she objected to in men and followed that lead. Bad idea.