Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another 'Because Officer Friendly

would not act like this.'
This is disgusting, on multiple levels.  And I guarantee that at some point- if they haven't already- the "You don't know what it's like, this is NECESSARY" crap will come out.

Look, Chief, you want people to support and assist you?  Stop acting like a light cavalry unit that just took over an enemy city; you'd be amazed what a different it'll make.

Some of the fads of the past.  That had body counts.  Same with some fashions.

It figures Moscow on the Pacific would be doing this, but the fact that other places are following this stupidity is spooky.
You want to take my house and force me into an apartment?  'Say hello to my little friend' comes to mind.

No one believes Barack Obama about anything anymore. Why should they? The new Iran deal is Obamacare II, only worse, a thousand megatons worse.
Obama wanted a deal.  ANY deal.  He already wanted to accommodate Iran- no matter what- and now he really wanted SOMETHING to distract from the pile of crap that is Obamacare: "Hey, I made a deal with Iran!  I truly am wonderful!"

Couple of weeks back there was a report that, not trusting Obama(and he bowed to the kind and everything!), the Saudis bought nukes from Pakistan; kept in Pakistan but ready to be transported on short notice.  Yeah, that's really going to help matters.
Know what?  I don't blame them; appears that the only real ally they have in this is Israel, and ain't that an interesting change?

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Titan Mk6B said...

The Mideast policy coming from this administration is truly baffling. Israel and Saudi Arabia have always had some common ground but now it has to come out front and center. Probably not what either of them wanted.

In reality if those two countries do form an association I think it would actually be a boon if a real President takes office next time.

I guess not all unintended consequences can be bad.