Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Isn't Jarvis cute, with his little collar insignia on his green uniform?

“We are content-neutral on First Amendment and on the National Mall,” Mr. Jarvis responded.

“That wasn’t my question,” Mr. Gowdy fired back. “Do you consider it to be an exercise of your First Amendment rights to walk to a monument that you helped build?”

Mr. Jarvis then insinuated that individuals could visit the memorials if they “declare” they are there to exercise their First Amendment rights.

“Who were they to declare it to?” Mr. Gowdy angrily interrupted. “A barricade? … I want the record to reflect that no statute or code of the federal regulation was cited to justify the erection of barricades.”

Look at the way he hesitates and thinks real hard about how to answer "Did you talk to anybody at the White House about this?"
Miserable little fascist bastard.
Also a lying little bastard.
Explaining the decisions to close off memorials, including open-air sites like the World War II Memorial, he said the agency took "prudent and practical steps." He said the agency has worked "diligently" to ensure "honor flights" of WWII veterans were not turned away from the memorials despite the restrictions -- allowing them access on the basis of their First Amendment rights.
Which apparently means "I didn't order them arrested when they move the barricades I used to block their access to the memorial."

And do note they had to subpoena the bastard.

The director's full testimony to Congress can be found here, but it can be summed up as a non-apology blaming the inability of a furloughed workforce to meet the safety and security concerns of a "post-9/11 world" for the National Park Service's actions despite the fact that law enforcement officers, firefighters, border protections, and surveillance programs were maintained throughout the furloughs.
And I suppose the 'post-9/11 world' is why elderly people at Yellowstone were kept in their rooms by armed guards(so if there were no security people due to furlough, where'd these clowns come from?).

The Democrats, of course, insist it's all the Republicans fault.  Anything, no matter what or where.

 Not only should it not be necessary to tell people "You don't have to let these clowns come into your home", but Mills should have his ass kicked for thinking a warrantless 'visit' was in any way tolerable.

Short(very) version: "How dare you actually own and use firearms I disapprove of civilians having?!?"
Short answer: 'Screw you, bozo.'

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