Monday, October 14, 2013

Never forget: the gun bigots not only hate us,

they lie about themselves to look 'moderate'.

Also remember, when they talk about 'military-grade' or 'police-grade' weapons, they mean everything; these are the people who announced that a scoped hunting/target rifle is actual a 'intermediate-range sniper weapon' and should be banned.

If you break into a home with intent to do harm, you've got no right to whine(if you survive)- and neither does your family- if the homeowner ventilates you.

Sorry, John Railey, you're just one more "I'm a gun owner, BUT-" jackass we have to put up with.

I had some hopes when I first heard about this(who with a brain and some integrity DOESN'T want Al Sharpton out on his ass?), but it turns out it's "He's too busy pushing his stuff and not doing enough to get us stuff."  As if Sharpton gives a rats ass about anything but his own position.

PC idiocy in the Army; Deity help us if we have to go to full-out war anywhere with 'leadership' like this.

A skull target that bounces... oh the fun you could have with this!

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Anonymous said...

The skull weighs 1.7 lbs, but has a shipping weight of 30 lbs?