Saturday, October 19, 2013

Anybody who thinks this was a 'joke'

and they 'didn't know it would offend anyone' is a fool.
Especially given the ATF background of screwing agents for ANY reason, let alone what's been done to Gunwalker whistleblowers.

What modern feminism has become: "I decided that I'd been made uncomfortable, so someone has to suffer for it!"

Couple of days ago, during the 'shutdown', heard a commercial on radio for the Park Service: 'Our centennial is approaching, and we need more money to properly do the parks!'
Considering their behavior during the downtime, they need a farging budget cut and to fire a bunch of clowns.

"Those right-wing traitors and racists need to stop being so divisive!"


Keith said...

Ah yes, we've seen these violent "joke fantasies" (wet dreams) before. Here's a British one from the climate alarmists a few years back

Seeing one from the organization which brought us Ruby Ridge, Waco and Gunwalker, really looks like a joke.

Sick bastards.

Gerry N. said...

Re: The Natinal Park Disservice.

The Park "Service" doesn't need a budget cut, it needs it's budget deleted. Completely. And the parks given back to the States to fund and operate. Defunding the EPA is sound policy as well. There's a list of non Constitutionaly agencies we would benefit from defunding, it is a long list.