Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So, basically, we can't trust the IRS to obey the law

at all?
An audit report published this month by the inspector general for the Social Security Administration says that the Internal Revenue Service’s reluctance to penalize employers who consistently file W-2s on which the Social Security Number and name do not match has “hindered” the SSA’s efforts to stop “unauthorized noncitizens” from using Social Security Numbers that are fake or belong to someone else.
The IG said that although the IRS had the legal authority to penalize employers who filed large numbers of inaccurate W-2s, the IRS could not tell the IG how many employers it had actually penalized. At the same time, a number of SSA Employer Service Liaison Officers (ESLOs)–who deal with employers through regional SSA offices–told the IG they “were not aware” of the IRS penalizing any employers who had habitually filed inaccurate W-2s. [...]

Knowing what we do about Boehner, we can't trust that bastard at all; he'll try to 'be nice' to the President, and screw the consequences.
While Boehner had pushed Obama to consult with Congress and to answer a series of questions about his plans for engagement in Syria, he had stopped short of joining the nearly 200 Republican and Democratic House members who signed a pair of letters urging Obama to seek authorization before taking action.
Gee, I wonder why?
...But Obama had grown frustrated with both international and domestic leaders who gave him tacit approval but declined to jump to his aid. He was taking all the risk and responsibility for a Syria strike, and he didn’t like it. Members of Congress were playing political games by asking him to consult with them but not taking on the accountability of voting with him or against him.
Translation: Awww, the poor little Lightbringer didn't want to take the heat of making a decision outright; and those nasty people in Congress wouldn't sign him a blank check and HE'S NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

From a different piece:
But a Democratic leadership aide put the onus back on Boehner.

“The more interesting question is, can Boehner convince [Republicans] to vote on the substance, not against the president?” the aide said. “At the end of the day, it will be the Republican leadership’s responsibility to get the votes because they are in the majority.”
What's interesting is the way this bastard put it; as if the 'substance' being something we don't want to do is not a possibility to be considered.

On that subject,
When he saw that 30 Rock had its warpaint on, only then did Barack start drawing lines and poking Assad in the chest and asking people to hold his coat and wind up for a punch...

...at which point the media started running promo pieces like "This week on Meet The Press: "What Will Be The Price Of War In Syria?" and "Is America Ready For Another War?" and all of a sudden, Pres. Urkel is all "HOLD ME BACK, BRO!"at Congress...

Barry is the guy who blusters "I'd kick your ass if my buddies weren't holding me back!" after carefully ensuring his buddies have grabbed his arms.

Hey, it's preventing useful firearms from being destroyed, so of COURSE they're pissed about it.

That's about all I can take reading about right now.


Windy Wilson said...

"But not taking on the accountability of voting with him or against him." Gee, who do you think they learned THAT from?

They're probably looking at the resolution and wonder, where will this get us in 6 months, and are we signing something that will enable teh won to say, "look what those nasty Republicans made me do."
He's got the votes in the Senate, or he should as the leader of the Democrat party. If he doesn't, then how is THAT the fault of the Republicans?

Firehand said...

Didn't you know? Lightbringer Obama cannot be at fault, it's ALWAYS someone else.

Anonymous said...

My theory is Boner has done something so vile involving young boys and someone has the pictures that he is Obummers dancing monkey now.