Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A serious failure of the victim selection process

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Sharia courts in Britain.  Women tend to get screwed, and they obey British law when they fell like it; anyone surprised?

On the subject of British law: I'd be guilty of 'aggravated knife possession' most every day of my life, as would most people who read my words.  One thing to commit a crime with one; another to be in danger of jail just for having one.

Also, they want to make it more expensive to own a firearm.  As a purely fiscal matter, of course.
He said: “I think there’s great concern in the shooting community that costs will rise and many people feel this is a back door way of controlling the numbers of people in the shooting community.
You think maybe?

Tam notes Ariel Castro stopped using perfectly serviceable oxygen; and about time. 

Sen. Menendez took time out from foreign trips and underage hookers to try to give Obama a version of what he wants.  Note that after all the huffing about 'a need to act NOW' by Obama and Kerry,
With the House and Senate expected to set deadlines for authorization votes by the end of next week, House leaders wouldn’t have much time to draft and approve their own rewrites, especially given the diverse and often free-wheeling membership of the House Foreign Affairs Committee that could result in a marathon markup should that panel be given jurisdiction over the matter.

Following a lengthy electronic poker gameSenate hearing on the request to use force against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, Corker told reporters that House leaders had not yet been brought into conversations about drafting the resolution on the Senate side.
Not exactly in a hurry to have this voted on, are they?  Which probably suits Obama just fine: now if they vote 'No' he can bitch about how those nasty people kept the king from doing good works.

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