Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I will note that Erin had, call it a 'coming out'

of sorts the other day.
This has enjoined some discussion, and some people she'd known got seriously upset.

Personal view: We've all got stuff to deal with; if this by Erin causes you serious upset, you've got a much more perfect life than mine since you apparently have nothing else to get upset about.


Keith said...


I only saw one person who wasn't happy, but going from the comments the dislike was an old one.

She's got guts.

I've several friends who've gone through similar situations, and another friend who's ex husband dumped her, leaving her with four kids, had a choperation, then told her he couldn't afford the child maintenance, and the judge accepted his reason...

I've given one of their sons Erin's blog address - he's in his thirties and passionately into ponies.

I don't think my circle of friends are in anyway exceptional, and they don't apply to Erin

Which is a long lead in to

I guessed Erin had been hinting something of that sort for quite a while.

Now we know

Welcome out.

Anonymous said...

Keith it could be worse lots of folks in our neck of the woods had to move away in case of the mandatory kicking from the Pit Yakkers.

Erin Palette said...

Thank you so much for having my back, Firehand. I appreciate it more than you realize.