Friday, September 06, 2013

You want proof elections matter?

Biden wants Napolitano on the Supreme Court.

If that thought doesn't scare the !(#) out of you, you're either far braver or far dumber than I.

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DJMoore said...

Bring her on.

Perhaps people will wake up to the fact that the Constitution belongs to us, not the Nine Black Robes.

Marbury v. Madison notwithstanding, we are the final arbiters of the Constitution. It is designed to provide fairly sharp, bright lines we can use to tell when the government is grossly overstepping its bounds.

As often noted, the Second Amendment does not create a "right" for us.

It is a warning to our civil servants as to what will happen to them if they become uncivil and uppity.

Aunt Nappy on the SC would almost certainly make decisions that demonstrate without question that the Court has become incompetent to perform its duty.

Bring her on.