Sunday, September 08, 2013

If you know someone planning on college, this

should be required reading.  As in 'chain their ass in a chair and don't let them up till they've read every word.'
My experience, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly as fulfilling or eclectic. Like the unambitious sloth that I am, I got into my car at the age of 20 and drove 150 miles to a place I’d never been, in a state I’d never visited. I rented an apartment with my own money and got a job at a radio station and a second job as an assistant manager at a pizza joint. I met and learned how to work with people from all different age groups and backgrounds. I set out specific goals for myself and worked to achieve them.

Needless to say, without college, it was all in vain. Seven years later and now look at me. It’s the classic tale of failure and despair: Married, two kids, a career, a long term plan for the future, no debt, and I’ve never been unemployed. Please, avert your gaze. I am so ashamed.

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