Saturday, September 14, 2013

I have been informed on Bookface that

Banning some guns isn't the same as banning all guns, therefore I'm worrying about nothing.  And paranoid.
Also controlling how much ammo I can buy and own is just common-sense safety.

That only 'right winged media' tells lies about the Brit NHS(y'know, like the Guardian and Daily Mail and so forth).

And pointing out the slight problem with 'If we don't ban EVERYTHING, then it's all good!" and that most Brit media isn't exactly 'right-wing', well, that demonstrates that you're not 'fit enough to own a gun'.

I've come to the conclusion that the gun bigots and hoplophobes infesting the Starbucks Appreciation Page aren't just that: they truly are control freaks who'd like to put Bloomberg in the Oval Office and give him unlimited power.

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