Wednesday, September 11, 2013

YES!! Up yours, Bloomberg! UPdated

To borrow from Sean,
"They call it a "Stunning Victory for the NRA," but the reality is that it was a stunning victory for a couple of guys who got angry and started a recall effort. The NRA gave them cash, but nowhere near as much cash as Bloomberg and Eli Broad gave to the gun banners. The money matchup, according to HuffPo was $3 million to about $540 thousand, and we STILL won. "

Huffpo has this article, in which they accuse the pro-rights people of 'voter suppression'(you had to call the cops over threats and intimidation?  Who's in jail, then?) and Bloomberg's minions saying it was actually a bad thing for the NRA because 'they couldn't recall everyone they wanted to', etc.'

Screw you, Bloomie; you lost.

And, as has been noted, not only because they're bigots on guns:
I am the first person from the national press that Knight has spoken to directly. “This is not about us,” he explains. “The new gun laws were just the catalyst. A lot of people are very upset about being ignored, so finding vocal moral support hasn’t really been a hard sell. There’s a lesbian couple that’s been very happy in helping us.” I raised my eyebrows at this. “I start there,” he adds, “because people say to me, ‘Well, they couldn’t possibly be interested in helping you.’ Well, sure they can! They care about protecting themselves, too.”

More here.
Based on the latest campaign disclosure reports, Morse/Giron enjoyed an 8:1 spending advantage over recall advocates, in terms of direct contributions to campaigns. Michael Bloomberg contributed $350,000 to fight the recalls, about equal to the $361,000 contributed by the NRA, which is probably about $3 per NRA member in the state. Another wealthy contributor gave $250,000 to oppose the recalls.

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Erin Palette said...

Could you link to the HuffPo article about the 6:1 spending? I can't find it, and I'd like to be able to throw it in the face of anti-guns folks who won't believe anything that isn't from their side of the spectrum.