Thursday, August 29, 2013

Well, my first thought is

"Before, during, or after I wet my pants?"


Erin Palette said...

I'll wet my pants while drawing my firearm, thanks. :)

Firehand said...

Yeah, that'd be kind of a 'Why won't my gun go 'bang' anymore? And where did that pitcher of water down my leg come from?' moment.

Anonymous said...

I'll only wet myself if the .357 + 20rd the 1911a1 + 35rds the 12ga + 60rd. and the M-1 Garand +32 clips X 8rds. fails to stop it.--- And that's just my bedroom.--- Mostly It'll just be, S*** now I have to clean that up! --Ray

Keith said...

a dog with thumbs?

skidmark said...

I'd be asking for an explanation of where she had been all night and just what she intended to make for my breakfast.

I'm guessing that most of your commenters do not live with a being that makes the medical dictionary definition of PMS look enticing.

Oh, by the way. Thanks, sweetie, for doing the laundry.

stay safe.

Gerry N. said...

It looks a lot like an average elected Dimwitocrat. Just showing it a copy of the Constitution will cause it burst into a cold blue flame falling to the ground as a pile of ash.

Then you can piss on it.

Gerry N.