Monday, August 26, 2013


Few years back I wrote about getting a Mosin-Nagant sniper. I've had a lot of fun shooting it, but it has one drawback: that steel buttplate isn't real shoulder-friendly. With cast-bullet loads, no problem; with ball, problem*. So over the last couple of days made some changes. The big one

is cutting the stock back a bit and installing a recoil pad.

To ease some minds: no, I did not cut the original stock.  I was able to find another stock in good shape and used it; the original is put safely away.
And yes, the stock needs some cleanup; that'll be done after I know no further mods are needed.

Since I had to stretch my position forward a bit for proper distance to the scope on the original, I cut a little more than the thickness of the pad off; puts it just about right.  I had a large pad I'd set aside for something(what, you never bought something on sale just in case?), and it worked nicely.  Due to the shape of the stock I don't think a medium would've worked; the large I had to cut a fair amount off the toe(hacksaw), but that let me fit it nicely.  Used the belt-disc sander to cut it as close to the wood as could, then a sharp file the rest of the way.

Going to a new stock, I also bedded the action using JB Weld and made sure the barrel is free-floated.  Didn't take long to do the latter, there were only a couple of places where I had to scrape the barrel channel for clearance, and then not much.

No, no pictures of the process; on the bedding I always get the crap on my hands and other things, so didn't want to get it on the camera, and for the scraping didn't think to until it was done.  I know, bad blogger.

Now I need time and weather to cooperate so I can get to the range and try this out.

*Years before that I damaged my shoulder in a bicycle accident, and now it gets sensitive at times.
Yeah, I know; all the other crap I've done, and a bleepin' bicycle did it.


Erin Palette said...

You didn't know that they make buttpads specifically for the Mosin? All you do is remove the skull-knocker and screw in the new one.

Anonymous said...

This is true, Erin. But doing so increaces the lenght of pull since it adds to the total length. That may not work for every individual. I have an M-39 Finnish Mosin-Nagant that was scoped almost two years ago. It uses a new manufactured P/U type scope mount but it has split rings so my choices of scopes aren't limited to the P/U. I put it on a scale this weekend and it weighs 11.2 lbs. The Finns made heavier barrels as well as heavier stocks. Better for use in extreme Arctic weather conditions. Even withthe total weight she still kicks like a Tennessee Mule. And I love every bit of her.

Firehand said...

Erin, the ones I've seen had two problems:
First, as Bayouwulf says, since they just replace the steel buttplate they increase the length; that would be bad here.
Second, they were not exactly cushy; this is a Pachmayr, which I've used before, and they're worth the work to fit.

Ah, the M39; marvelous things, wonderful shooters.

Phil said...

I can sympathize with the sore shoulder after a few rounds.

Took out my new to me 30.06 a couple weeks ago and it only has a steel butt plate also.


The only word for it is brutal.
After three rounds my 200 pound cousin said No Mas.

I put eight rounds through it and I only weigh one fifty.Felt that the next day.
The very first thing is to get that replaced.

Yours looks like you did a pretty good job for having to modify it though.
Turned out pretty good. You may have given me the inspiration to try one myself.

07HEMI4ME said...

I am also in the market for a recoil pad for my Mosin Nagant. after having my rotator cuff repair, I'm now recoil sensitive, or a wimp, depending on how are you look at it.