Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tab clearing

Debtors prison; but it's only for men, so it's fine.

Chivalry was a system, in which obligations fell on women as well as men. says Insty.  So if you want men to be gentlemen...
I remember being told, back in the Cambrian Age, "Treat a woman as a lady unless the proves she's not."  If she acts like anything but, she shouldn't expect to be treated as a lady.

More previews of Obamacare.
Interesting that he seems to despise Britain generally, but he loves him some socialized medicine.  Least as long as he's the big pig on top.

More assholery from the enviroweenies.  Better for kids to go blind and die than be saved by a genetically-modified crop.

"Screw surveys; we have pictures, and we want your money."

Yeah, if this had been a couple of plain citizens, they'd already be in jail.

More on former prosecutor(resigned in disgrace) Jim Letten.
The decision to prosecute O’Keefe and to accept Letten’s recusal was made at “the very highest levels of the Justice Department.” “[O’Keefe] was appropriately convicted.”
Letten declined to answer if his office worked with Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute O’Keefe.
There’s reason to think that he may have. Last month, J. Christian Adams, a voting rights expert, revealed documents that showed coordination by Holder’s Justice Department with Attorney General Richard Head of New Hampshire after O’Keefe’s successful voter fraud investigations. [Editor's note: Richard Head has worked directly with Brett Kimberlin associate and professional harasser Neal Rauhauser.]

Swim with the crocs, and you're dinner.

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