Monday, August 26, 2013

I am so freaking sick of hearing "The officers followed Holy Procedure"

as the excuse for whateverthehell they do.
In this case, once again they shot the wrong guy.  And then
The review notes that the officers who shot Theoharis refused to be interviewed at the scene.
Deputy Aaron Thompson did provide a written statement a month later, after he'd had the opportunity to discuss the case with fellow officers at a debriefing, according to the review.

The review also questioned why no one from the Internal Investigations Unit (IIU) came to the shooting and why IIU did not open an investigation for six months even though Theoharis clearly felt that the shooting was unjustified when it happened.

The report, also suggests that the Sheriff’s Office was more concerned about advocating for its officers than getting to the bottom of what happened in its follow up investigations.  The reviewers said that there was an apparent conflict of interest with the first responding sergeant who took control of the crime scene, later switching roles from supervisor and neutral party to officer advocate.  The same sergeant later served as one of the deputy’s two guild representatives in an interview with Internal Investigations Unit.
The review criticized the criminal investigation by the Major Crimes Unit of the King County Sheriff’s Office, saying that evidence was overlooked, shell casings moved and the crime scene video wasn't dated and wasn't shot continuously making it difficult to decipher.
If that happened in a regular criminal case...
But Only Ones get special treatment.

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