Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time and opportunity collided yesterday, so range day it was

And the modified-stock MN was tried out.  A lot.

Worth every minute of time and bit of the mess.

Pachmayr recoil pads are wonderful.  That rifle still recoils solidly with ball, but the pad spreads it out wonderfully.  I've got a slip-on pad for my 1903 Springfield, and it's great, but if Springfield stocks didn't cost so much I'd pick one up and put a pad on it, too.


Anonymous said...

Snicker if you must, but one intriguing practice involves taping some number of thick feminine pads to one's shoulder to be hidden underneath one's shirt.

Cheap, effective, and doesn't require any modifications to your firearm's buttstock.

Buying them is on you though.

Firehand said...

Sometimes the operative saying is "If it sounds stupid, but it works, it's not stupid."

And I've already got a pack. Somebody with some trauma experience once told me they make good pads for pressure bandages, and I've had a pack in the first-aid drawer since.