Friday, August 23, 2013

First, if they did this to my kid, being sued would be the least of their concerns.

Second, what kind of effing moron decided this was a good idea?
A SWAT training exercise in Ohio in which a “gunman” hijacked a school bus and tied up students has generated online outrage after it was reported the children didn’t know it was an exercise.

Just friggin' idiotic.


Windy Wilson said...

It was idiotic even if they all knew it was an exercise, and I guarantee someone on that bus would not have gotten the message regardless of how carefully they "followed procedure to notify everyone."

This reminds me, I read of a similar exercise some 20 years ago put on by a church in which actors took the congregation hostage in order to "illustrate" what it would be like in a culture hostile to Christianity. No one was killed then, fortunately

Keith said...

I almost sent you this link last night - the "hoax" vid which is linked to in the blog post is well worth the 2 hours it takes to watch