Saturday, August 24, 2013

"We're not just cops, we're Easy Company

in combat!  And if you don't understand, that means you want us to DIE!"  Etc. ad Bullshit.
Supported by fake numbers and "Screw you, we'll do what we want" attitude.
Here's a Milwaukee detective and former SWAT officer writing in National Review a few years ago, chastising Berwyn Heights, Maryland Mayor Cheye Calvo for pushing for reform after his home was invaded and his dogs were killed by a SWAT team in a botched, mistaken raid:
Sorry if Calvo and his mother-in-law were “restrained” for “almost two hours.” Would you rather have them be comfortable for those two hours, and risk officers’ lives and safety? Calvo should be able to understand what the officers did and why they did it.
Municipal police departments do fight a war on the streets of this country daily. This incident should not be considered overkill (to take a word from Reason’s Radley Balko), but sound police tactics.
 So screwing up- on top of using a SWAT team where it wasn't needed- and killing pets and scaring the shit out of citizens is 'sound police tactics'...

And they wonder why people don't like them or support them the way they used to?

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Keith said...

Such a dangerous job;

They've a lower per capita injury and mortality rate than farmers, fishermen, forestry workers, construction workers, quarry workers...

and have always had