Friday, August 23, 2013

The Daytona Police Department: Serving Themselves To Your Stuff

Unfortunately several of the firearms, including the irreplaceable Japanese heirloom war trophy, were damaged due to careless storage. The wood stocks were gouged and scratched, metal surfaces were marred, and the guns developed significant rusting. Some even had parts missing. In fact, the Arisaka brought back by the combat vet’s grandfather was ruined.

The PD doesn't care about any other laws other than those against theft either, apparently:
During the hearing, the city failed to offer any evidence of unsound mind, which was their alleged basis for seizing the property, ironically for "safekeeping." Furthermore the city ignored that Sec. 790.17, Florida Statutes, does not grant them any authority to seize or keep property in these circumstances, as affirmed in an opinion published by the Florida Attorney General and courts statewide. The city also ignored the language of the Baker Act itself which prohibits any loss of constitutional rights by individuals who are examined under the Baker Act. The city however claimed that veterans who are suspected of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder should not have their firearms returned to them, deeming them to be of unsound mind, assuming the role of competent medical authority and snubbing the opinion of professionals who actually perform Baker Act evaluations.
Note just how this crap started
The VA has a “vet help line” run under a very lucrative contract. They’ve called it a lot of different names over the years. But it’s really the National Suicide Hotline (the VA doesn’t even have its own number that forwards… they just give out the suicide number as their own). So suicide is the problem vets have got, or at least that’s how the VA and the semi-trained, non-vet payroll patriots who work the line and run the program see it.

So if you call the vet helpline, you might just wind up like “A.B.,” stripped of his guns without due process and thrown into a nuthouse for evaluation. (He didn’t say he was suicidal. He didn’t threaten anybody. But if you call the line, they assume you are, assume you did, and they tell that to your friendly neighborhood police, who come guns drawn, expecting an armed, suicidal nutjob).
Just effing wonderful, isn't it?

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