Sunday, July 14, 2013

First and second efforts

at pickles.
First one is on the right.
Trying out Uncles' recipe.  The first batch realized I only had apple cider vinegar, so went ahead and used that.  Came out pretty good(definitely not your store-bought pickles), but needs some tweaking.  On the second used more dill, more garlic, and picked up some white vinegar to use.

Next week, I'll find out how this version works.


Gerry N. said...

When I was a kid, my mom and grandma made pickles of sundry kinds all summer and fall. Dills, gherkins, sweet pickles and my favorite, pickled watermelon rinds.

The only vinegar they used was home made apple cider vinegar. Gramma had some method of figuring out how much the acid content was because the stuff as it came out of the jugs would peel chrome off a bumper. I surely do miss those pickles. Store bought simply do not measure up. They used home grown garlic too.

Gerry N,

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing, 1 dill sprig at first, then we settled on 4 and lots of garlic. Also, to keep them crisp, alum can be put in, or grape leaves we have tried also.