Saturday, October 06, 2012

Want to try your skills against some of the best?

In shooting, LAPD SWAT is supposed to be right up there, and someone pointed to this modified pistol qualification:
25 yds: 2 body under 4 sec--3x (same as the Defoor Test #2 shot in DOW #40)
15 yds: 2 body under 3 sec--3x
10 yds: 2 body then 1 head under 3.5 sec--2x
7 yds: 2 body then 1 head under 3 sec--2x
5 yds: 2 body then 1 head under 2.5 sec--2x
3 yds: 2 body then 1 head under 2 sec--2x

Modifications are for ranges where you can't draw from holster.

From three years ago, BRM notes the idiocy of blaming objects instead of the people doing things; the gun bigots and hoplophobes didn't listen then, they won't now.

"What to do instead of something" from Chicago, current version.

On the MSM,
Interesting that Andrea Mitchell had no issue with the press being called “liberal” and found nothing worth remarking on, here except “did you really mean to call the president lazy”, and then narrowing her eyes about it. She’d be a formidable apparatchik in a re-education camp, wouldn’t she? “I’m going to give you a chance to take that back…” I know I’d be terrified.

I think the Obama administration — the whole boiling of them, and Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Reid and their posses and pals — have become so confident that a victory in this election means they will never again have to answer to anyone about anything, that in their heads, they’re already there.
I said she gets it almost right. So what are my reservations? Winning this election will only solidify the process, but I think they already reached the point she describes quite some time ago.

"I did not try to mislead you; I was lying my ass off."

Ok, this is going to get really nasty:
 A preliminary investigation has found friendly fire likely was to blame in the shootings of two border agents along the Arizona-Mexico border, the FBI said Friday.

And on the social side,
No, you're not going to 'the wrong wedding', you have a friend who is insane.


Seadragonconquerer said... in Allan Greenspan's wife. THAT Andrea Mitchell. Right now, these people control most of the world. For how much longer, we'll see...

Matthew said...

but it's perfectly acceptable to call your opposition a felon...even when it's not true.