Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The University of Wisconsin lets itself be used fror the Obama campaign

and screw the students.  Except the information they can extract from them for the Obama campaign.
For that, they pay tuition? I could email my notes for the whole semester, but these are students who pay$40,040 tuition per year! ($21,350 if they are Wisconsin residents, a break they get because their parents pay the exorbitant Wisconsin taxes that help keep this stellar university going.)

From an earlier post:
 "President Barack Obama will hold a campaign rally on Bascom Hill this Thursday." Openly announces the University of Wisconsin—Madison. 

After I went to all that trouble to critique the earlier attempt to frame the visit as historical and presidential, when it was really a campaign rally. 

I can't believe the University is shutting down, closing buildings such as the Law School, depriving us of the rooms for regularly scheduled classes, for an entire day, to accommodate a campaign rally. The grounds and the students are provided for a massively intrusive photo-op. Of course, the students don't have to attend. But they will. They've paid their tuition for classes, which they're not getting, and their bodies are repurposed for political exploitation.
Hey, what's losing a day of classes you've been charged out the ass for when they can use you to push The Lightworkers' campaign?

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