Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sharyl Attkisson, apparently one of the only real reporters

in the major media, is getting some recognition for it. 

And, since it also concerns government agencies we've got no real reason to trust,
Vertical integration of all law enforcement under federal command raises red flags citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars warned yesterday in an exclusive analysis, citing an attorney source characterizing it as “the ‘single scariest proposal’ he'd read recently.”He’s referring to a report published in the September issue of Police Chief Magazine, “The ATF’s iTrafficking Program: Linking Firearms Trace Data with State Fusion Centers.”
As should a partnership with the IACP, itself a major beneficiary of the notoriously anti-gun Joyce Foundation, a United Nations-approved leader in global disarmament and monopoly of violence maintenance efforts, and a signatory to the Brady Center’s brief against the landmark McDonald case, where the Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment applies to the individual states. 

Likewise, fusion centers themselves have been the focus of concerns, from absurd warnings issued under the FBI’s imprimatur about “domestic terrorism” to include “the purchase of popular preparedness items and firearms accessories as ‘suspicious’ and ‘potential indicators of terrorist activities,” and with Homeland Security adding “Constitutionalists” for good measure. And it’s not like Operation Fast and Furious has given Americans cause to view the Justice Department or ATF as purely-motivated honest brokers of just about anything.
Read it all; along with everything else, there's some- let's say 'sloppiness'- along with the previously-demonstrated crookedness of some of these agencies that ought to scare hell out of anyone who gives a damn about honest law enforcement, and the 2nd Amendment(among others).


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