Monday, October 22, 2012

Because if they make everything a 'disease' or 'condition',

it gives them a lever to use against you.

I bitch about the weather weenies, and occasionally hint at vile deeds being committed upon them when the blow a forecast; the Italians have decided to take that and run it to the idiotic extreme:

An Italian court convicted seven scientists and experts of manslaughter on Monday for failing to adequately warn citizens before an earthquake struck central Italy in 2009, killing more than 300 people.

The defendants were accused in the indictment of giving `'inexact, incomplete and contradictory information" about whether small tremors felt by L'Aquila residents in the weeks and months before the April 6, 2009, quake should have constituted grounds for a quake warning.
In further news, the courts are planning for the future trials of doctors who don't realize the patient with the flu is actually the Antichrist, and vulcanologists who  fail to predict the minor eruption that broke their grandmothers' prized vase.


Anonymous said...

Burning them for not being a witch.


Windy Wilson said...

And this happened in socialist Europe, where presumably such reprehensible anti-science behavior can't be blamed on being Christian.