Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's so nice when things actually work...

That  audio I mentioned the other day?  That was to compare 'Before' and 'After' of a bit of exhaust work on my bike. 

I like the bike.  And I hate ear-hurting loud 'mufflers' and straight pipes*.  But I missed the nice, deep rumble of the Vulcan I used to ride.  So when I ran across this a while back, I decided to try it.  Finally found a used muffler assembly to use(yeah, I wanted to be able to fall back to the originals if this didn't work out) and did the work.  Installed it this morning.  Original sound, well, has been likened to a sewing machine.  Here's modified:

Not actually loud, just a little more volume than the original; but now it has that throaty rumble I missed.  Riding around town a bit, at normal RPM levels, I can honestly say that I can now actually hear the exhaust, where before I mostly heard the engine sounds and the tires on the pavement**.

I think I like it.

*And I friggin' hate those little cars with mufflers that make them sound like a asthmatic chainsaw.
**An effect of the fairing, I think


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. I picked up a DR650 a while back, and the motor is so quiet that even over the wind, all I can hear is engine noise, chain noise and the howl of the knobbies

Firehand said...

First time went through one section of highway here I thought something was wrong with the bike: odd hissing noise. Then I realized that it was the sound of the chain reflecting off the barrier I was passing.