Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Dutchman is much improved:

 Am told I will get out within days,
That's both good and bad,  The recovery is being described as nothing less than "miraculous"  I still lean to the left and have to have my front step rebuilt (no handrail) so I can get up and down, in and out.  Will have to get some specs and a quote (bill of material, etc).  I sure can't build this one like I did the last one.   I mean they want me out of here as soon as Thursday.  I can crawl up and down for a few days, but c'mon.

Now those of you who have sent me some magazines, hold up.  Those who are still sending subscriptions, God bless you, but make sure you send to the PO Box or PayPal.  God bless you all through this last travail
That was the 23rd, so hopefully he'll be back at the homestead soon

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Keith said...

Excellent news