Friday, August 17, 2012

It's amazing how a small thing can excite you

Few days back I thought I saw a hummingbird rising from the feeder. I've kept it up for weeks in the hope I'd see one or two, but this could have been a dragonfly or something and it was the only possible sighting. But, just in case, I cleaned it out- it'd been a week and a couple of days- and filled it with fresh nectar.

That was about five days ago. The level had dropped, but that could've been evaporation and I hadn't seen anything hummer-like since. Decided I'd wash and refill it. Just as I started to hang it this thruum-thruum sound went past my head twice; started to think Wasp! but then Is that what I think it was?

Hung it, walked about eight feet and turned around as a little hummingbird zipped down, checked out the still-swinging feeder, looked at me, moved partway around the feeder, then zipped off.

I just spent fifteen minutes(in which the cake in the oven damn near burned) in a chair watching. He didn't show again, but at least I know he's there. Dammit, felt a little like Christmas morning as a kid.


Gerry N. said...

I have a little hummer similar to that here. She only shows when she thinks I'm not watching. My computer is less that 8 feet from the feeder so I can hear her. She's a very drab light green and disappears in the alder tree in the neighbor's yard, but her thrumming alerts me and the dog. Bella just looks over from the couch. That dog is totally disinterested in any critter except moles. She'll dig half way to China after a mole. I get to put the dirt back. Anyway, not too many hummers this year, last year we were fairly dripping with 'em.

Gerry N.

TXGunGeek said...

We will often hang out by the kitchen door and watch the feeder just outside. I have sat on the bench that is directly below the feeder and had multiple HB's buzz me until they decide I am not a threat and finally come in for some nervous drinking.