Monday, August 13, 2012

Damned, sorry, vile excuses for lawmen

who should be held personally liable for what they did. Not money taken from the taxpayers' pocket, from THEIRS.

Let's see... wrong address, wrong people, killed the dog,forced their three handcuffed children to sit near the dead pet while officers ransacked the home and
Another child, a girl, "a diabetic, was handcuffed at gunpoint and prevented by officer from obtaining and taking her medication, thus induced a diabetic episode as a result of low-blood sugar levels."

Let's make sure this name is mentioned: Shawn Scovill of the taskforce may have raided the wrong house, but he didn't want to let the opportunity to rifle through someone's things go to waste.
So Shawn Scovill apparently decided "We fucked up and raided the wrong house, shot the dog. We'd better tear the place up and see if we can find anything that might help cover this up."
Sorry, fucking worthless excuses for lawmen.

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Phelps said...

They need to lose their qualified immunity as soon as they know they are at the wrong house. The end.