Saturday, August 18, 2012

A fine example of why I despise the 'All Cultures Are Equal' argument

and a lot of the people who push it:
Her name was Michelle Stone, then an Associate Professor of Sociology at Youngstown State University. She told me she liked the article and would publish it. Then she changed her mind and made its publication contingent: I had to remove the portion of the article criticizing the food given to the prisoners. Her exact words were “It isn’t nice to judge the foods of cultures other than your own.”
LinkMind you, he wasn't criticizing them eating goat or the spices or appearance: I was appalled by the fact that the prison served rotten meat to prisoners after boiling it in large vats in order to make it edible.
And, to a effing SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR, bringing this up counted as 'judging the foods of other cultures'.

I wonder how much money had/has been lavished on this clown over the years to push this kind of garbage on students?

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Windy Wilson said...

!!!! That's only a legitimate complaint if the rotten food was served to someone whose culture regularly ate rotten food, like the Eskimos, for whom a nice ripe seal eyeball is the highest of gastronomic delicacies.
Complaining about the cheap-ass contemptuous and contemptible prison serving rotten food to people whose culture did not include eating rotten food is like complaining about criticisms of Japan's treatment of prisoners of war in WW2, saying "you gotta understand they had the code of Bushido. . ."
We have to understand them, but no effort is ever made to understand My Lai, or Abu Ghraib.
F*****G hypocrites!