Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And Holder's DoJ will investigate this,

probably never. Death threats, terrorist threats, more racist threats, but it's the New Black Panthers doing it.

Progressive Insurance says "We didn't do that!" Except...

It finally struck some media weenies that the drought doesn't just mean problems for farmers; I wonder if they noticed themselves, or someone had to beat them over the head with it?
From Greg in the comments: A reporter was standing in the Mississippi River near Memphis the other day...where it used to be over two miles wide, it's about .3 miles wide. They are seeing increasing groundings and navigation hazards, which could force much more truck/train supply shipping, which will add more end price to EVERYTHING.
And from Dave: Just wait till someone explains to them that corn ethanol requirements, green as they are, somehow cause higher prices at Whole Foods and make this whole situation worse. Cognitive dissonance, here we come!

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Luton Ian said...

The word in England is our grain yields are well down.

March was very dry, and apart from the last couple of weeks, the weather since March has been cold and incredibly wet. There was very little sun light during the period when the grains were filling.

I think the rest of Europe has had it even worse.

Places whose only product is hungry mouths, like Egypt, Syria and Iran, are going to have a hard time paying the higher prices for scarce grain supplies.

Expect more revolutions.