Friday, July 27, 2012

An interesting point of view

Tragically the United Kingdom, where Great Britain used to be, has fallen. Though you can tell by little things like the involuntary subjugation of the populace to the EU and the looting of the country by soi-dissant communists, the surest sign of their degradation is that weapons, even down to the kitchen knife, are banned from use by the general public. In the United Kingdom, you can be prosecuted for defending yourself.

Weapons and violence are certainly not gone from England. It still has an army. The police are increasingly heavily armed. And gun violence (along with other violent crime and terrorism) has increased. As in all societies through all time -- forever and ever, all the way back to Cain and Abel -- criminals in and out of
Linkgovernment, both foreign and domestic, do not obey the law.

The United Kingdom has effectively returned to feudalism. The Knights are armed, they exist to protect their privileges and those of their superiors in the government, and the peasants farm -- or rather: are farmed. Like cattle.
So let us posit that even if weapons were banned, bad people would do bad things anyway. So what do you do when bad things are done to you? When a bad guy shows up in your movie theater? What is the solution posed by the gun control advocates?

You should use your cell phone to call 911, presumably so that men with *GUNS* could show up and take care of the situation.

See what gun-control advocates did there? They went all feudal on you. The police are "the only ones professional enough" to handle weapons. These Knights can have weapons and privileges to protect you the serf. In return all you have to do is call them "Sir". And pay taxes. And don't get your daughter a nicer dress than their wife is wearing

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Windy Wilson said...

Ah, yes, Sumptuary laws!
I'm wondering how they will bring in droit du seigneur, what with all that putative feminism by the Leftists.
Maybe apply it only to men.