Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yeah, Bill O'Reilly is an idiot

A shrill, pig-ignorant fool.

"Mr. Carney, what's the capital of Israel?"
"Um, whatever we said before."
"Where was that?"
"Next question!"

Not a surprise to find out that Empty-Hat Salazar has some of the same problems as Holder; including having been held in contempt and not caring.

From Britain, surprisingly, titled Denver shootings: the murder is in the corrupted mind, not in the legal guns:
The Denver Dark Knight shootings: first thing to note – despite the uninformed Irish wails about American gun laws – is that the number of guns per head in America is irrelevant to such a crime. Batman

If ownership of a weapon equalled homicidal intent, the ten most murderous countries in the world would include Switzerland, Finland, and Sweden.

The 15 most murderous would include France, Canada, Austria and Iceland.
But, the broader issue: what we have here is a young man from Southern California (now, there’s a clue) who moved away from his family into Colorado, where drugs, drifting, sex websites and violent films simmered away in his brain.

For any reasonable assessment we have to weigh up how much of all of that led him to choose to abandon morality and embrace murder.

It wasn’t just that he had some guns, anymore than the nine stabbings last week at the Swedish House Mafia rock concert in Dublin occurred because every family in Ireland has some knives

And yes, Schumer & Co. are already at it:
Democratic senators have offered an amendment to the cybersecurity bill that would limit the purchase of high capacity gun magazines for some consumers.
Translation: they want to ban any magazine that scares them. And it's 'common sense to do so', of course...

Appearing on Monday's Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC, Time magazine editor-at-large Mark Halperin confessed a broad media consensus to curtail gun rights: "If you walk the halls of most major news organizations or of the OEOB at the White House or West Wing, I think you'd find overwhelming sentiment that there should be stricter gun control laws in the United States."
And these bastards control much of the 'news' most people hear.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some leather that needs shaping

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Anonymous said...

I won't even get into the other parts of this as they have already been countered repeatedly.
What I will say it Halperin and all those who voluntarily choose to walk the halls he mentions would be well served to get out of those halls and find out what REAL Americans think and believe. They might wake up to reality but since their heads are firmly implanted where they don't belong, I seriously doubt. Wouldn't play into their agenda either.............