Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A whole-village uprising in the PRC

is not good news for the commies.

What? The EPA used either bad methods or falsified results to try to stop fraking?
Looks like.
Here’s the story: the EPA says tests it conducted in Pavillion, Wyoming “indicate that ground water in the aquifer contains compounds likely associated with gas production practices, including hydraulic fracturing.” However, it turns out that the EPA drilled two monitoring wells to some 900 feet – much deeper than water wells which are usually at about 300 feet – and indeed found hydrocarbons. In short, they drilled into the natural gas reservoir that has long attracted industry producers. It may the single most productive moment in EPA history.
In addition to noting that the EPA had in effect discovered natural gas by drilling into a natural gas reservoir, the company faulted the EPA’s “discovery” of various several man-made chemicals in the deep wells. Curiously, the agency found the same chemicals in the so-called “blank” water samples— the “ultra purified water commonly used in testing to ensure no contamination from field sampling procedures.” As Encana points out, the conclusion suggests “problems associated with EPA methodology”. No kidding.

You know, Holder's anal sphincter must be having problems lately; got to be cycling between 'locked up like Sheldon at a broken routine' and 'open like a massive dose of prunes just hit'.
All that was the preliminary bombardment before Issa’s planned assault. After hours of waiting, Issa leaned forward to speak into his microphone and began in part by asking, “Do I need to serve a subpoena on you . . . or will you come before my committee?”

After several exchanges, Holder said, “I will consider it.”

While Issa was probably thinking "I'm considering the reaming you're going to get by the time this is over."
Holder didn’t answer the question; meanwhile, Issa focused his attack with the tone of voice a prosecutor might use with a hostile witness. “Don’t you think it is a little conspicuous that there is not one e-mail from or to you on Fast and Furious? . . . Isn’t it true that executive privilege does not include you?”

Holder answered, “We have not withheld any documents that are responsive. We have withheld information about ongoing investigations.”

Issa said, “That’s how John Mitchell responded.”

Let's see, Mmitchell went to prison for how long...
Holder acknowledged during the hearing that he has an official e-mail address and a private one, but he wouldn’t say how often he uses these accounts. He also said he had not seen e-mails that were printed in a CBS report that argued new gun-control regulations might have been the reason for Operation Fast and Furious.

Moments later Franks said he understood that Holder doesn’t read all the memos his staff sends to his desk, and Holder seemed to agree with this. Then Franks asked, “Do you read letters from Grassley and Issa?”

After a pause, Holder said, “I think it’s fair to say over the last few months I’ve read all of Issa’s and Grassley’s letters.”

This also drew a laugh from the spectators, but it was really a set-up.

Representative Franks next said, “Mr. Holder, these e-mails were attached to one of those letters.”

Holder tossed his head and replied that he “doesn’t always read attachments.”
"Oh, I NEVER read all the stuff I get from people who can probably get me time in the Graybar Hotel; that kind of thing isn't important enough for my valuable time." Sure, Holder.

No idea how many times I've seen someone at a convenience store using their food stamp card("We have to make it easier for people to use, so there's no stigma") to buy chips and cokes and candy, so I don't doubt a word of this.

Ok, I agree Christina Hendricks is hot; but WHY do they always have to slap enough makeup on a woman for a seal to camo itself from sharks?

All Obama needs now is a military uniform a chestful of fake medals and his transformation to dictator would be complete. Yeah, that 'separation of powers' thing seems to trouble him.


Chalkie said...

This reminds me of a friend who was working in a DNA testing lab... For some reason everything was coming up "wallaby". Seriously... Everything... When they finally discovered the problem, it was that their purified water had gotten contaminated, and it was the one thing they never bothered testing.

Hilariously, this was at around the same time as the OJ trials, and using the same type of DNA testing... I think OJ did it, but it kind of changed my view of the reliability of the DNA tests.

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