Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Looks like they’re replacing the kilt with a skirt."

Anyone caught carrying a knife in town and city centres in Scotland in the coming weeks faces a potential four years in prison, under a new crackdown announced today.

The six-week pilot scheme will see cases automatically prosecuted as more serious offences, increasing the length of jail terms available to sheriffs from one year to four.
Not for actually doing something bad, mind you; just for carrying a knife. Like the pocketknife I never leave home without. Because it's the objects, not behavior, that's important.

Have I ever mentioned how glad I am some of my ancestors got the hell out of (fG)Britain before it turned into what it is?


Gerry N. said...

I've lost a few internet friens in Formerly Great Britian (FGB) over this. They can see no need to carry a knife of any kind. I pointed out that only the law abiding obey laws and need some sort of protection from the lawless. Especially if the lawless are a protected class such as "Persons of Color" or "Law Enforcemnt Officials". I then suggested they read some of their own national histories to see what abuses happened and are on the schedule to happening again, including being imprisoned for allegedly insulting someone of a protected class. Instead of a civil discussion, I was banned. Pretty much a European reaction.

"SHUT UP, he explained."

I, too am greatful that half my immediate ancestors got the hell our of FGB, the other half got the hell out of Norway about the same time. Both families left the dregs in "The Old Country".

Windy Wilson said...

That's the lie about the story "The Emperor's New Clothes". Instead of having the scales fall of their eyes, the subjects actually beat the little boy senseless and put him in an insane asylum.
Also: "being imprisoned for allegedly insulting someone of a protected class."
You don't even need to insult anyone of the protected classes, merely misuse or speak disrespectfully about them in the presence of one of a different protected class.
Like, a couple of years ago, the man who did prison in (f)GB for telling a knight (mounted cop) that his horse was gay. Don't joke about your political betters in (f)GB.

Titan Mk6B said...

I am glad mine took a powder from there also. Of course when the choices are the New World or jail there is not too much to think about.

mens kilts said...

Kilts played an important role in Scottish identity and I think that they should nowt replace mens kilts with skirts, it going to be weird to see those guys wearing skirts on their wedding and other festive events. Skirts are designed for girls and not for man.