Friday, December 16, 2011

Two critter posts:

one funny
Well, I wasn’t about to let go of the damned gun. Yes, there was an insane ravenous hellbeast on the other end of it, but the last thing I wanted was an insane ravenous hellbeast in my backyard with a GUN, right?

And the other, not funny in the least
With confirmation the other day by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game that at least two wolves were responsible for killing a young high school teacher, the debate about wolf management in the Pacific Northwest has erupted anew.
Years back did some reading on the subject of maneaters(ok, a lot of reading over time) and one thing that's kind of striking is the way wolves have been, call it 'cleansed' of such things in North America, at least among the many affected by Disney Syndrome. Look at the history in Europe, Russia and some of Asia and they've got a long record of people-munching, though it tends to get clouded over nowadays; but in the US it's largely been, as I say, cleansed. Reason more of a record in the Old World? Probably a combination of better records and more population for a long time there, combined with- in many areas- the peasants being rather discouraged from having weapons suitable for killing them. Here the critters were facing people armed as a matter of course, which probably made things quite a bit more difficult*.

Simple situation: put big predators back- in numbers- in places were there are people, and the people are prevented from killing the predators(sufficiently to instill a bit of respect for the two-legs) and people are going to get munched.

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