Saturday, September 10, 2011

I have a Kindle

Man, there's a lot of books available free

Unfortunately it won't fit in a pistol rug, so I'll have to find something else to keep it in.


Bob said...

If you get a book-style cover for it, don't buy the ones that Amazon manufactures, with little hooks that hook into the interior of the Kindle: they've caused all sorts of problems, which Amazon hasn't publicly acknowledged. Read the reviews for verification. The ones by M-Edge that have elastic straps at the corners are good, I have one of those myself.

Firehand said...

I saw those; I refuse to pay that much for an Official Kindle Cover. I'll check the ones you recommend

Sigivald said...

The problems with the Amazon ones are only for the *non-lit* ones; the paint can scrape off and cause shorts.

The lit ones are evidently fine.

(Also, I just poked at Amazon, and it seems the un-lit covers are announcing an "updated design" for 2011... but look identical.

This makes me strongly suspect they got sick of complaints and returns and Fixed The Problem silently.)