Thursday, September 08, 2011

Either this will build toward restoring a REAL right of self-defense

in Britain, or it'll get shut down and things will continue downhill.
Over at Insty, CHANGE COMING TO BRITAIN? Jim Bennett emails: “Cameron is quietly walking back from the extreme anti-victim features of English law. At some point people will start to discuss whether the right to self-defense implies a right to effective means to exercise that right.”
The argument has already been made, and the State decided no; however, changing circumstances- as in people being willing to tell the politicians to sod off- may help change that back.

I have to wonder, in the case of Mr. Coley, I have to wonder if his being black played a role in his not being charged? Considering the Crown Prosecutors have imprisoned people for self-defense actions less drastic than this in the past... Real chance in attitude, or fear of being called racist? We'll see when the next case happens and the defender is white.

Why yes, I am very cynical about this anymore.

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Marja said...

Downhill is the more likely option, I'd bet. The situation is somewhat similar, in a bit milder scale, in my country, and I don't think it will change here in the near future either. Too many people thoroughly brainwashed, starting with the communist propaganda we were fed in schools when I was a kid.

I'm kind of basing what hope I have on the internet, and perhaps in the future enough people starting to look for the information there instead of being content what is told by the official channels like newspapers. But even then it might take until a new generation gets into power. The one having the power now, mine, is mostly a lost cause, at least the so called 'elite' part.

Disgusting as the thought is, right now things might very well go easier on the victim if the attacker ends up dead, even though then the victim will almost certainly end up in jail. But the actual time people who are convicted for things like murder actually spend in jail here aren't necessarily all that long, and presumably the conviction might well be for something less severe. But if the attacker survives, but is injured, you will probably end up paying him a lot (and might go to jail anyway), and there is no way to make sure he won't do something to you again, in revenge, at some later time (short jail times, remember). So as long as the victim doesn't accidentally off a member of one of those groups, like our Roma, who have codes for revenge...