Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hey, Gov. Perry, maybe we need a fence on the border

so the effing Mexican authorities know where the effing border is, maybe?

Sooner or later one of these clowns is going to cross over after/and then fire at someone here and get his ass shot; what do you want to bet the Mexicans and Administration claim the US citizen crossed over into bloody Mexico to bring the body across?

Got to tell you, this is one of the silliest things I've read in a LONG time:
She added that helicopters were still searching the area for the shark late Sunday, while rescue staff searched for the man's arms and legs, which she believed had been taken by the shark.
Um, madam, I believe what you might find- if you have some way to search for poop- is the remains of the limbs in question.


Phelps said...

I think M2 Browning Machine Guns would clarify the demarcation more effectively than a white picket fence.

Mattexian said...

There's an article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle about Mexican army choppers flying over south Texas, supposedly *with* the full knowledge and permission of the US government, tho only the Mexicans can say anything about it, can't find whoever the US officials are in charge of that. I'm starting to wonder if someone shooting at the thing and they shoot back, would that be considered an act of war, and we're justified in defending our borders when the gubmint won't? (I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to that, based on many other times when the Mexican army's jeeps get "lost" in the desert and cross into the US, and shoot at our Border Patrol and other officials before they scurry south, and no protests are made against the Mexicans from the State Dept.)