Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ref the '25 minute blackout' during the raid

The video feeds of this op were likely transmitted via a drone circling overhead, an AWACS or similar aircraft in Afghanistan and another in the Arabian Sea, and surveillance satellites overhead. The odds that feeds from 79 operators, fed through multiple uplinks, was never seen or recorded simply isn't credulous.

Further, you'll note that Panetta chose his words very carefully. They did not have direct flow of information. That indicates that there were recording of the assault recorded on the flash-memory of helmet-mounted cameras, but these are just one more set of images—along with the three or more sets of photographs of Bin Laden's body—that the "most transparent Administration in history" refuses to show the American people.


Keith said...

whenever there is a controversial raid, why is it that the footage magically fails to record?

I seem to remember reading that the cameras at Waco did the same.

Strange that.

KurtP said...

Don't forget the Costco in Reno that didn't record Scots murder.

But, those SEALs are smart, they knew that video could hang them and 0bama would sit back and watch them swing...

Firehand said...

Either the SpecOps people did something that would count as a comm failure, or there's something in the recording that Obama & Co. do NOT want anyone to see.

Wonder if we'll ever find out which?

Keith said...

Here's some wild speculation;

Whether Osama was there or not, I bet we'll be hearing about all sorts of documents and computer files "found there" which when translated into our language will say;

More groping, more stops and searches, more restrictions and more taxes.

Just like a Doctor in the early 1960's would write "African" as a race, yeah, which one? Arab, Berber, Somali, San, Bantu, Afrikaans, Indian, Cape Coloured, Mulatu...?