Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I'm not feeling charitable tonight

To every muslim bitching about the 'martyred' pig-humping bin Ladin assuming ambient temperature: fuck you.
To every muslim whining that America has declared war on Islam: fuck you, too.
And to every gutless PC-at-any-cost politician who says we don't dare show pictures of this dead lower-than-pig crap terrorist because it might 'inflame' the muslim world: fuck you twice, and you need to get the hell out of that office you miserable excuses for Americans.

You're the same kind of assholes that don't want pictures like this
shown because it's 'too upsetting'; mostly because you're scared to death that people will fully remember what this picture means. Just like this one

and this one

You don't have the balls to tell the enemy to piss off, oh no, you're too 'sensitive' to the feelings of the barbarians and 'world opinion'(which mostly means chickenshit politicians and leftists like you) for that. So you pretend you're protecting us from upsetting the enemy.

And, like it or not, a lot of muslims ARE the enemy. Not all, by any stretch, but many; but you being the gutless bastards you are you play 'they're not REAL muslims!' games because you don't have either the brains, guts or integrity- maybe you lack all three?- to flatly speak the truth. Why, some sensitive liberal might call you names! CAIR might protest(never mind that CAIR supports terrorism)!

Damn the screaming barbarians who want us dead anyway. Damn the politicians who'd rather play games in hopes of buying votes. They'd rather see us dead than speak a nasty non-PC truth. They'd rather surrender to the opinion of people who murder our guys and defile their bodies and cheer it, they'd rather surrender to shit who murder children and celebrate it.

Damn every one of you.


Bob said...

Well said.

LibertyNews said...


Never Forget.

Windy Wilson said...

Yes, well said.
We have to remember Germany was better off after Reinhard Heydrich was dead, even though it did inflame the thugs and it wasn't at all good for the citizens of Lidice.
Those who would be inflamed by photos of the dead Bin Laden are already inflamed by news of his death, if not from the effects of living in a world that doesn't do everything they say.

Again, well said.

Windy Wilson said...

And let's call them what they are. CAIR is the Islamic-American Bund.

Keith said...

I'm guessing you meant to write Czechoslovakia was better off.