Thursday, May 05, 2011

One piece of corruption in LE, and one piece of sheer stupidity

While Gunwalker is going on, in North Carolina,
What I haven't made public (until now) is the work I've continued on this case, including the development of key witnesses against Booth and his allegedly criminal enterprises, and the even more frustrating obstruction of justice being carried out by corrupt BATF agents and auditors hoping to cover their tracks and preserve their careers. If you think that Operation Fast and Furious was a mess in Arizona, I can assure you that is every bit as bad here in North Carolina, and far more petty.

There is reputedly physical and documentary evidence that exists to bring charges to put Mr. Booth in prison for many years, but BATF agents and auditors in Greensboro are stonewalling the investigation with the help of at least one BATF employee in Fayetteville

And the piece of sheer stupidity is in Wisconsin:
Grant County authorities have accused a 6-year-old boy of first-degree sexual assault of a child for allegedly playing "doctor" with a 5-year-old girl in September.

The case, which is plowing new legal ground in Wisconsin, calls into question when a child's act can be considered criminal -- particularly when it involves behavior some experts say is normal for children that age -- and who makes that determination.

Under state law, the boy is too young to be charged with a crime or in a juvenile delinquency petition, the equivalent of a criminal complaint for juveniles. Instead, prosecutors have included the allegations in a petition seeking protection or services for the boy. Such petitions are typically used by parents or authorities to identify children under 10 who need services to change inappropriate behavior.
"We need to make him think and act in approved ways, for his own good." Yeah, I'll really trust that.

From the idiot judge:
Judge Leineweber refused to dismiss the petitions, saying the relevant part of the sexual assault allegation is the mother's observations.

The boy needed only to have penetrated the girl and known she was under a certain age, he wrote, adding, "Even the most immature 6-year-old could appreciate these two concepts."
Hm. You'd think an adult trusted to wear that black robe would have enough working brain cells to prevent his making such an idiot statement; but you'd be wrong.

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Shy Wolf said...

You did say this is a judge in Wisconsin, right? Err, I mean, left? Oh, well... we have to consider the source- it IS Wisconsin, after all. When you're a cheese head, can't be much more on it than mold.