Sunday, May 22, 2011

I think Ben Stein blew it

in this article. Just to argue the points,
1. It seems it's been very well-known in France and the circles he travels in that Kahn is at the least extremely aggressive, at most a flat rapist; he's been protected from facing consequences because of his Socialist Party status, his class and his job.

2. Are you freakin' serious?

3. A: That's what the investigation is for, to find those things out. B: maybe, being here in the US, she knew that if she went to the police she wouldn't be dismissed?

4. As to flight risk, see 'France and Roman Polanski'. Also see 'Ira Einhorn'; given past French activities, yes, he should be considered a flight risk.

5. "Gee, he's a upper-class bigshot, shouldn't he get special considerations in jail? " NO, he shouldn't.

6. You don't think the NYEffin'PD actually investigated? Didn't check records, etc., before arresting him? Once more, are you effing kidding? If you think the investigators weren't aware of the noise that would be stirred up over this...

7. Legally he is innocent until proven guilty. No argument.

8. The price of the room(and other things) doesn't have a thing to do with the accused crime; that's interesting because you've got a rich socialist(should be a contradiction in terms) living high on OPM and screwing around with other peoples' lives.

As to the 'embarrassment', stuff it; he's been- by the legal authorities- treated pretty much like any other accused.



AM said...

Well, I don't think that Stein did anything than other than raise some rather interesting questions.

After all, does ANYONE deserve to be placed in jail and denied bail based solely on the accusation of one other person? (although in this case the ability of the person in question to flee jurisdiction makes that a much more reasonable course of action than with joe bubba American).

In the grand scheme of things this case has been "tried in the media" pretty handily.

And if he is convicted I have no sympathy for the guy. But what if the accusation by the maid was forced by a foreign intelligence agency to disrupt the operations of the IMF to gain some other sort of leverage in terms of grants or low interest loans.

Firehand said...

Probably just about anyone, charged with a violent crime and considered a flight risk, would've faced the same; I'll repeat, I find it hard to believe NYPD and the prosecutors would've gone after him this hard if they hadn't felt they had a solid case.

Trial in the media happens to everyone when a case attracts attention, can't do much about that.

Windy Wilson said...

This reminds me of the discussions that surrounded the O.J. Simpson trial.

Some people just can't get the idea that even rich people are capable of violent crimes.
Just because the crimes involve rich people, they should not be investigated in a half-assed manner as in the movie Gosford Park, where the copper came and merely verified that the old man was dead.